Personnel Adviceline

Commercially focused advice to address people management issues

People Issues are Part of a Manager's Lot

Managers frequently encounter human resource management issues and want a realistic answer with the following qualities: 
  • Not having to wade through a list of documents or frequently asked questions to find an answer;
  • A personal answer which takes account of the questioner's context;
  • The ability to clarify the way forward and becoming confident that the key points have been considered.

At the same time, a manager wants to be sure that he/she will receive:                         

  • Advice which is both commercially and service focused;
  • Sound, independent advice which is not slanted by organisational politics;
  • An assurance that he/she is not being locked into a longer term advice service.
Do you like wading through a list of frequently asked questions to try to find an answer to your question?
Save your time and
obtain a direct answer
to your question and
in your context.
Sometimes, senior managers need to obtain advice in confidence from outside their organisation due to the sensitive nature of the issues. Are you seeking answers to personnel/hr management questions which has those qualities?
Personnel Adviceline provides a service to answer a specific question relating to a HR management or personnel
management issues, whether in a service organisation or a manufacturing company or, for example, a school or a charity.  
You pay a fixed price to receive an answer to your question.  You are not required to enter into a longer term commitment for the service.

A Simple Process to Obtain an Answer

You can obtain a written answer to your question or, if you prefer, have a telephone discussion.  
The process is simple:
    i)  E-mail your question to us using the form on the next page. 
          The form gives prompts and ensures important information is given.
    ii) We acknowledge receipt and seek any clarification necessary.
    iii) You agree to pay the fixed fee when you receive the answer or within 48 hours of the question being sent to you, whichever is the earlier.
    We endeavour to answer questions on the same working day or within
    2-3 working days if more information is required.
    The benefits and price of the service can be seen on the Meeting Your Needs page
    Our terms of business for this service are set out on the Terms and Conditions page.  Please read those as when you send in a question you will be deemed to have agreed to and accepted those. 
    Questions arise on many aspects of managing people, for example:
    • Dismissal or resignation of staff
    • Engagement of employees
    • Redundancy of staff
    • Awkward employees
    • Contracts of employment and terms of employment
    • Performance issues - conduct, capability, absence etc.
    • Reward and Recognition
    • Employee Relations
    • TUPE transfers, contracting out or in; hr aspects of acquisitions
    • Grievances and appeals
    • HR Policies
    • Employee rights; management rights and expectations.
    Want an Answer to your HR Management Question?
    Send your personnel related question as set out on the next page. 
    That page also contains some tips to state your question clearly. 
    If you have a qeneral query about the Service or Personnel Adviceline -
    Phone us:  07808 765588
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